2X  Your Current Revenues
Without Attracting New Customers

Your Custom Branded Loyalty Program

Increased Revenues

Your company can increase revenue by nearly 50% by retaining 5% of your customers.

Increased Speed

Customer spending increases 46% with your company offering a reward program.

Increased Visits

Customers are 28% more likely to increase business visits if offered a reward program.

Attracting New Customers is your most expensive marketing activity

The repeated story looks like this:

You spend $10 to $100 or more to acquire a new customer.

Then after the first sale, they never buy from you again.

Then you start scrambling and spending again to attract more new customers.

It’s a never ending cycle of spending hard earned revenues to get more new customers.

Now What? You either keep spending top dollar to attract new customers or find another way.

Easy, friendly and flexible solutions that create quantifiable
increases in your customers spending and frequency.

Use our technologies and analytical data as an unfair advantage and you can beat your competition by better relating and engaging with your customers.

Loyalty Program Benefits

Your business rules.  Everything you want.  Anyway you want it.

  • Set your own Points Ratios
  • Connected to the Cloud
  • Connected to every POS
  • Connected to On-Line Stores
  • Multiple Campaigns: Points | Buy X | 2-Tier | Coalition | Heaps More
  • Heaps of Reports: Birthday | New | Client | Store(s) | Dates | Items
  • Points/Gift Cards by date range
  • Points/Gift Cards by location
  • Accurate messaging & timing
  • Increase spend and frequency.
  • Who buys the most?
  • Who has gone missing?
  • Who bought a specific product?
  • Targeted messaging & promos.
  • Better gauge demographics.
  • Affordable Enterprise solutions

Customer Contact Details

In-store and Mobile capabilities allow you to reward your customers everywhere.

Customer Portal

  • Company Branded
  • Secure Registration
  • Points Status
  • Transaction History
  • Member# Barcode
  • Social Media links
  • Online Store link

Mobile Loyalty App

  • Company Branded
  • Secure Registration
  • Points Status
  • Transaction History
  • Member# Barcode
  • Social Media links
  • Online Store link
  • Location link
  • Notifications Options
  • GeoFencing Options

I want to  2X 
My Current Revenues

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Limited Time Bonus – Free “Edison Integration”

For a limited time only, your Custom Branded Loyalty Program will be directly connected to ‘Edison’s The CARD’.

What’s In It For Your Customer?

First:   Your customers enjoy all the rewards and perks of your Custom Branded Program.

Second:  With a click of a button, your customers receive all the additional functions and rewards Edison’s TheCARD provides, including:

  • The ability to redeem or exchange their loyalty points. Click Here for Details of how the program works.
  • Access to the power of America’s largest discount network. Our direct relationships with merchants at more than 1 million locations means everyone you want to reach sees the relevant value – no matter where they live, shop, eat, play or travel. This would normally cost your business up to .25 per customer per month. For a limited time we are including it at NO COST to you. 

Access Acoss America

  • Restaurants
  • Groceries
  • Department Stores
  • Fashion & Apparel
  • Electronics
  • Hotels
  • Car Rentals
  • Travel Packages
  • Theme Parks
  • Ski Resorts
  • Golf Courses
  • Movie Passes
  • Auto Repair
  • Health & Beauty
  • Household Services
  • and many more..